Nicole Aniston is a Goddess in Green

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Only a blonde bombshell like Nicole Aniston can get away with wearing a bright lime green shirt and white shorts. The vibrant color looks perfect against her golden skin and you can see in her face that you know she looks good. The white shorts hug her firm ass perfectly and you can just imagine how good it would look if she was walking in front of you.

When she lifts her shirt up, exposing her ripe breasts, if you don’t feel a twitch in your pants, you simply aren’t paying attention. This is the kind of woman most men only get to fantasize about, but here she is – stripping just for you!

She slips off her shirt and slides down her shorts, bending over as if to dare you to crawl through the computer to bury yourself deep in her sweet hole from behind. You’re wishing you were that dildo right about now, aren’t you?

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